Drug Offences

We regularly act for those who are being investigated or prosecuted for drug related offences this can include:

  • Possession of a controlled drug 
  • Possession with intent to supply
  • Production, cultivation or manufacture of a controlled drug
  • Drugs importation
  • Supplying another with a controlled drug
  • Allowing premises to be used for consumption of controlled or supply of a controlled drug
  • Legal Highs and psychoactive substances

This is an area of law for which the penalties can be severe. So it is important that the right advice is sought as to your options. Controlled drugs also include medicines which are subject to the Medicines Act 1968.

In our experience drugs cases often involves significant forensic mobile phone data including social media, WhatsApp and location evidence. Inadvertent texts and texts using ‘drug speak’ often become incriminating and can mean that you are considered much more involved than you think. The fact that you are found in possession of scales, plastic bags or cash will play a part of the evidence against you.

We are experienced in meticulously going through evidence and challenging prosecution forensic evidence to ensure that your case is put forward robustly. We have acted for clients involved in large scale complex conspiracy to supply and import Class A drugs, street dealers to those who have given drugs to a friend. Whatever your situation, we can help.



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