Driving Offence Solicitors London – Fees

We have years of experience and a proven track record in representing Client faced with driving offences.

Initial Consultation

We charge a fixed fee of £200 excluding VAT for an initial consultation. During our meeting we will consider any documentation, take your instructions and provide advice in relation to your plea, procedure and likely outcome. We will also advise you of any steps you can take in relation to mitigation.

Entering a Guilty Plea with Mitigation

If as a result of the initial consultation you wish to enter a guilty plea on paper in response to a summons or requisition then we will charge an additional £300 excluding VAT. We will take your additional instructions, prepare a statement of mitigation on your behalf and complete any paperwork you are required to send to the court with view to persuading the court to impose a lenient sentence if possible. We will also complete any statement of means form which the court will require you to complete in order to assess what financial penalty you must pay.

Our Fees do not include:

  • Attending court
  • Taking/preparing witness statements
  • Any expert evidence
  • Any disbursements

Representation at a Sentencing Hearing

If you wish to plead guilty and are required to attend court we are able to attend court and represent you.

For a single hearing where you wish to plead guilty and the court deal with the case entirely on the same day we will charge £750 excluding VAT (based on the matter concluding within half a day). This is in addition to the consultation fee.

This fee includes:

  • Fully considering and preparation of your case in readiness for the hearing
  • Attending court and representing you on the date of the hearing
  • Fully advising you on the court procedure and advising you of sentencing options
  • Meeting you on the day of the hearing and fully advising/representing you from beginning to end.
  • Discussing the outcome of the hearing advising you on any prospects of appeal

The fee does not include:

  • Instruction of any expert witnesses
  • Taking statements from any witnesses
  • Advice/assistance in relation to any appeal
  • Representation at a second hearing. Each additional hearing will cost £450 plus VAT and travel expenses

If as a result of unforeseen circumstances or increasing complexity of your case additional work is necessary it will be charged at our hourly rates as set out in our terms and conditions of business.

However, an estimate will be provided to you prior to carrying out such additional work.

Representation at a Trial

If you decide to plead not guilty to one or more charges then we will charge a fixed fee which ranges from £2500 excluding VAT upwards. At the outset of the case we will provide you with details of the fixed fee for your particular case as this will depend on the complexity, work required, seniority of barrister and time estimate of and the number of hearings.


We are able to advise you in relation to whether there are any merits of an appeal and prospects of success. We can complete and send the necessary documentation for you and instruct a barrister to represent you at an appeal hearing. We can also arrange for a conference with a specialist barrister to advise you in conference.

This service will be charged based on our hourly rates which from £100 to £275 per hour excluding VAT. At the outset we will provide you with an estimate of costs.

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