Fraud Investigation Solicitors London

We are able to act for you if you are facing any fraud offences including those with an international elements.

Our Services for Fraud Victims and Defendants in London:

  • Theft
  • False accounting
  • VAT fraud
  • Forgery conspiracy to defraud
  • Tobacco smuggling
  • Duty evasion/Diversion fraud
  • Money laundering (experienced in dealing with cuckoo smurfing and Hawala Banking System)
  • MTIC fraud (Missing Trader Intra-Community)
  • Proceed of Crime Act (POCA) offences,restraint and confiscation
  • Corruption
  • Conspiracies to Defraud
  • Banking/Insurance Fraud
  • Boiler Room Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Internet Fraud
  • Advance Fee Fraud
  • Pension Fraud
  • Immigration Fraud
  • False Accounting
  • Fraudulent Trading
  • Illegal Money Lending

We advise companies and individuals on:

  • Responding to dawn raids
  • If you are arrested
  • Interviews
  • Advice following an interview
  • Bail
  • Challenging search warrants and restraint orders
  • Negotiating with prosecuting authorities
  • Preparing complex cases for trial

If you are in need an experienced fraud investigation solicitor in London, Harrow & Stanmore to assist you with your case, contact Makwana Solicitors today. We provide a confidential fraud investigation consultation. Give us a call on 0208 732 5458 or send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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