10/10 professional service and customer care. Very advanced and experienced and easily the best about!


Best service. I am happy with Makwana Solictors.


I have been using Makwana’s for years and they have defended me. They give you the old fashioned personal touch that you no longer get from solicitors . I recommend them to all my friends and family who want professional friendly service as you will not and cannot find better… BEST AROUND


They are very professional and professional and I will always remember and recommend them to people who are in need of legal assistance.


Without their help and representation my future career was in jeopardy. I am eternally grateful for all the time and effort which resulted in success!!


Absolutely outstanding…. don’t go anywhere else…excellent advice and could not recommend them enough….. I would give a 10 star if I could


There are two words to describe Makwana Solicitors: constructive and insightful. They are able to see what we cannot. When instructing Makwana Solicitors with my case, I understood from the word go what to expect and had a better understanding of the situation at hand. They constantly kept in contact with me and helped me every step of the way. Their advice and comments were always insightful and went above and beyond to get the results I wanted. I found my discussions with Shella to be very constructive; she was intelligent, friendly and straight talking which I found refreshing.


Very efficient, amiable and fought my corner. I will always recommend your brilliant services.


Shella is very reassuring, who listened attentively to my plight and recommend Makwana Solicitors to others who may be in need.

A.J – Queens Counsel

A conscientious and hardworking solicitor who goes that extra mile for her clients. Shella prepares cases thoroughly and grasps the real issues in complicated cases. She is a great communicator and provides a first class service.

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