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Established in 2003, substantial experience of high profile cases.

Creative Thinking Creative Thinking

Able to work resourcefully and proactively to prepare cases thoroughly.

Quality Quality

Provide excellent client focussed service.

  • ‘Makwana Solicitors has a commitment to their clients that is refreshing in a climate when everyone is looking at their bottom line.

    They are a client centred practice that is always prepared to go the extra mile in case preparation.

    I have been practicing at the Bar for more than 20 years and it is gratifying to be instructed by a Firm that still has client care at the very centre of its ethos. They cover a broad range of work both privately and publicly funded and their dedication is a credit to all those that work there.’



    by Matthew Pardoe Dyers Chambers
  • I have worked with Shella Makwana for over 18 years and I have rarely met a more dedicated and hardworking solicitor who genuinely cares for her clients.  The job of a criminal solicitor is more than simply representing someone at a police station and handling their case at Court, at times the tender care with which the client needs close guidance in coming to the best decision for him/herself and explaining matters to the wider family is understated.  Shella deals with all of these aspects as if it was her only client.  This is indeed rare these days.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Makwana Solicitors to my closest family member or friend if the need arose which is the greatest compliment I can give.’


  • ‘Their handling of difficult and complex cases in particular those that involve sensitive matters is exceptional. Their ability to robustly prepare and defend cases has resulted in notable success and they always have the client’s interests at the utmost forefront.’


    by Frida Hussain
  • ‘As a criminal barrister I have been instructed in a number of cases by Makwana Solicitors. I have always been impressed by the care and professionalism with which they have been prepared.

    Shella Makwana and her team enjoy an enviable and deserved reputation for their attention to detail and their friendly and knowledgeable approach to client care.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Makwana’s as experienced and effective solicitors who will ensure any client is represented to the highest standard.’



    by J G Barrister
  • ‘Working with Shella is always a pleasure. She is incredibly energetic with an amazing amount of serious and high profile work. She never fails to impart to client and counsel alike a sense of enthusiasm and in depth knowledge of their case. Her attention to detail is excellent as is her professional attitude to work.’

    T.A Queens Counsel

    by Tracy Ayling QC
  • ‘I found Shella very reassuring, who listened attentively to my plight. Shella then outlined the route to take to retrieve my loss and thankfully today I am over the moon to say that Makwana Solicitors have won my case whereby I am now in a better legal position. I am very happy to say that I am now facing the last hurdle to recouping my loss and with the recent legal success achieved by Shella Makwana’s service, I feel very confident of bringing successful closure to my issue and indeed recommend Makwana Solicitors to others who may be in need.’

    E. R.

    by E. R.
  • ‘There are two words to describe Makwana Solicitors: constructive and insightful. They are able to see what we cannot. When instructing Makwana Solicitors with my case, I understood from the word go what to expect and had a better understanding of the situation at hand. They constantly kept in contact with me and helped me every step of the way. Their advice and comments were always insightful and went above and beyond to get the results I wanted. I found my discussions with Shella to be very constructive; she was intelligent, friendly and straight talking which I found refreshing.’

    C. A.

    by C. A.
  • ‘I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work you are doing for me. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. I have always been greeted with a warm welcome when attending your office and I have never had any issues with communication between the two of us. I feel you care about me as if I was family also you are superbly efficient and professional. Your foresight on all matters on my case is truly remarkable. I’m sure I will owe the success and victory of my case to your dedication and perseverance, which you have showed throughout the year that you have been handling my case. It goes without saying that I will always refer to your firm Makwana solicitors if the need ever arises that I need legal assistance again. Once again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

    J. W.

    by J. W.
  • ‘I would like to take the opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism and to thank you for your assistance and very hard work in dealing with my son’s case. You have been very pleasant, courteous and helpful in your dealings with me. Most of all, I would like to thank you for caring which you clearly do and that is what makes the difference between a lawyer and a very good lawyer. We are all very grateful to you and I would not hesitate in recommending your company to friends and family and anyone else.’


    by S. G.
  • ‘I was introduced to Makwana Solicitors by a friend of mine. Prior to my introduction, I was recommended to a duty solicitor who I did not feel comfortable with. When contacting Makwana Solicitors, I felt I would get the justice due to their competence and manner in dealing with my case. Their team of solicitors and barrister worked extremely hard for me. They obtained everything I needed to win my case and kept in contact me on a regular basis. Their dedication, honesty and care for their clients are something out of this world! Their devotion, professionalism and efficiency in making sure I received everything I needed to win my case are above the call of duty.’

    I will recommend Makwana Solicitors anytime and any day. They are reliable, responsible and very professional. They will definitely take away your concerns and turn your sadness to happiness. This is a law firm you can always reckon with.’


    by M. F.
  • I just want to thank Makwana Solicitors for the handing and resolution of my matter.

    I was incredibly apprehensive about the whole thing but from my first meeting with Shella but I felt supported and comforted. Shella understood my fears and apprehension of the whole process. Her simple explanation of the process meant that within the first meeting I was fully aware of what to expect, allaying my fears.

    Knowing Shella and her team were always happy to help by phone or email and respond to any message meant that the entire process was stress free.

    Shella’s professionalism throughout and quick resolution of my matter gave my life back and I cannot thank Makwana Solicitors enough for that. I would have no doubt to recommend the services of Makwana Solicitors to my family and friends.


    by P.S
  • A Firm with high standards and integrity that genuinely tries to get the best outcome for the client.



    by A.H.S
  • Shella and Tulshi took over my case from another Firm of Solicitors. From day one I knew they were the perfect team.

    At every step of the way i was guided and Tulshi was always without fail at hand to answer my calls and questions.

    Everyone I spoke to Shella, Tulshi or Rhea I was dealt with in a professional manner and all the advice and support that was provided was 100% spot on.

    I would highly recommended Makwana Solicitors for all legal advice as they have more than exceeded my expectation.

    5 star firm in every way.


  • I would like to say thank you to both Shella and Tulshi, they have been absolutely incredible. I couldn’t have chosen a better Firm to help me in my battle with my divorce, financial and children proceedings.

    Shella and Tulshi have given me support and have both always been there for me.

    Their experience and knowledge is both professional and trustworthy, they both had the ability to understand me as a person and always knew what I wanted before I had said anything. They can read between the lines and this saved me a lot of time and I felt that I could trust everything they did.

    The work undertaken by both Shella and Tulshi is done to the highest standard and in a timely manner so that deadlines are always met. Even when working under pressure their work is completed to the highest level.

    Shella and Tulshi spent quality time with me and actively listened so they understood my needs which enabled them to proactively identify the best solutions to any of my problems.

    Makwana Solicitors exceeded my expectations by going that extra mile even during pressured situations and have consulted other professionals to get the best solutions.

    I am truly grateful that they were the ones that represented me .


  • ‘A conscientious and hardworking solicitor who goes that extra mile for her clients. Shella prepares cases thoroughly and grasps the real issues in complicated cases. She is a great communicator and provides a first class service.’

    A.J Queens Counsel

    by Andrew Jefferies QC